New Mexico is a Buyer-Beware State

In 2005, all home buyers and sellers in New Mexico have to contend with new Real Estate Contracts, new Definitions of Working Relationships, new "Phantom" names for real estate brokers.

New Mexico real estate laws and rules have further merged, fused, confused, and co-mingled the inherent conflicts of interest between the seller-side and the buyer side of real estate. From all this, consumers have a growing need for the professional PROTECTION, NEGOTIATIONS, ADVOCACY, AND REPRESENTATION that only true exclusive buyer real estate companies provide.

Seller's Agents

These traditional agents are legally obligated to get the highest price and best terms for Sellers. Until Buyers First Realty came into existence, the Sellers had TWO Agents on their side!

These Traditional Real Estate Companies make twice the profit when a Buyer buys one of their Seller listings. Loyalty is DIVIDED and limited. Company services are reduced. Transaction-Brokers and Designated Brokers (Non-exclusive Company Buyer Agents)

These offshoots of Seller's Agents are fabricated by Traditional Real Estate Companies to protect the Company's double-profits when a Buyer buys one of their Seller listings. Company services are reduced by State Law; Company fees are seldom reduced however.

Designated Brokers are often referred to as part-timers since they work part-time for Sellers and part-time for Buyers. These agents sometimes represent Buyers and they sometimes take Seller listings. The Company Broker designates a so-called "Buyer's Agent" and "Seller's Agent" from within that same Company. Loyalty is DIVIDED and Company Broker support is neutered.

True Buyer's Agents

True Buyer's Agents work in Exclusive Buyers Office Companies (EBOCs) where 100% of licensees are LOYAL to Buyers 100% of the time. Undivided Company Loyalty since all licensees are agents protecting, negotiating, advocating, and representing only real estate Buyers. They never take Seller listings. It's their choice to be so specialized and they are always the Smart Buyer's choice.


"A Buyer Agent acts as your advocate...the best buyer agents are so called exclusive agents- that is, they represent buyers, never sellers."