What Experts Are Saying About Exclusive Buyer Agency

Chicago Sun Times
"Unless the agent is an exclusive buyer's agent...there is a potential conflict of interest."
Chicago Tribune
"Hiring a buyer's broker costs the home buyer nothing extra."
Money Magazine
"Unlike the traditional agent who looks out for the seller, a buyer broker acts as your advocate, helping you find the home you want, then negotiating the lowest possible price.""
Consumer Federation of America
"We urge consumers who are purchasing a home to first consider an exclusive buyer broker relationship.""
The New York Times
"Buyer brokers make a great deal of sense."
Bangor Daily News
"Garnering the support of consumer advocate Ralph Nader and national consumer groups like the Consumer Federation of America, buyer brokers are seen as helping to level the playing field for home buyers."
Senior Life Style
"How can one agent represent the best interests of two opposing sides?"
Country Living
"Buyer's agents focus all their attention on helping buyers find the right house at the best price."
Agency Law Quarterly
"[Ralph] Nader again held up exclusive buyer brokerage as the only legitimate option for the home buying public."
Smart Money
"Groups such as the Consumer Federation and the American Association of Retired Persons recommend using buyer's agents...the reason is they work."
The San Francisco Examiner
"Exclusive buyer agents make every effort to get the lowest possible price for their buyers."
"Buyer brokers represent the purchaser...buyers are becoming educated about the benefits of having an agent who represents their interests."
Consumer Reports
"You can't have partial loyalty, an agent either works for you or works for someone else.""
Los Angeles Time
"Exclusive Buyer's Agents work only for consumers and often can save them money."
Business Week
"Exclusive buyer broker--aims for the best deal for the home buyer."
Orange County Register
"Consumer groups strongly endorse the use of buyer's brokers to avoid conflicts of interest."
Chicago Sun Time
"What the consumer gets (with an exclusive buyer agent) is someone who is working for them."
Chicago Tribune
"The best buyer brokers are so-called exclusive agents...they represent only buyers,