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It's a good time to realize the dream of owning Santa Fe real estate.


For starters, we offer a free initial consultation session to each prospective buyer client. Its purpose is to assess the buyer's objectives and the firm's ability to meet them, to discuss the home buying process and disclose the services to be provided, the firm's compensation policy, the buyer's own rights, any pitfalls that are likely to be encountered, and to decide whether or not the two parties will formalize their relationship.

What does this service cost? Like that of other real estate agents, our fee is included in the purchase price buyers agree to pay. The difference is that buyers now have agents who represent them, thus saving them money in terms of time, advice, and negotiating power.

As Exclusive Buyer Agents we search the complete inventory of property, listed and unlisted. At Buyers First Realty we cover the entire Santa Fe area. With no allegiance to any seller, our buyer brokers search to find the property which will best meet the buyer's wants, needs, and objectives for living in Santa Fe.

When a match is found, we research the property, seller, and neighborhood. All the data is studied to arrive at an opinion of value for the property, or to uncover problem areas, or reasons not to buy. Our value-added service is designed to protect buyers as they make the largest investment decision of their lives.

When the buyer decides to proceed, we counsel the buyer in drawing up an Offer to Purchase which contains terms, conditions, and contingencies beneficial to the buyer. Then our buyer broker negotiates in favor of the buyer. In every step of the buying process, our buyer broker puts the interest of the buyer first - even before his/her own. This is the essence of client-level service provided by a true agent, or fiduciary.

During the negotiating process our buyer agents continually counsel the buyer with the idea of getting the best possible terms. Our clients become well informed buyers who are empowered to make sound decisions in purchasing real estate.

After an offer is accepted by the seller, inspections are conducted by certified, experienced inspectors. Here again the buyer broker provides advice on the results of the inspections. Items requiring attention are identified by the buyer and his agent.

It makes good sense to contact us for a free consultation session to learn more about the benefits of having an agent on your side. The bottom line is that it's easy to achieve your Santa Fe Dream when you have an exclusive buyer's agent to help you locate, evaluate, and negotiate your purchase. We are Santa Fe's first, and only Buyer Agency.